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We are are passion for the ancient, for recovery, for perfection in conservative restoration.

We are respect for the past and for the time that marks the materials. We are love for beautiful things.

From these values, handed down from three generations, materiAntica was born: an oasis of timeless materials and objects that make places and environments unique.


Since 1980 the strong passion of the entrepreneurial part of the building company Mondo Edil, for the recovery and restoration, has made possible the conservation of every type of material and objects and, for some years, the idea of ​​the new generation was born, to realize this activity and to invest in it as it has never been done, thus creating MateriAntica: a unique regional center dedicated to the pure passion for the ancient !! In other words, a start-up in a sector full of history, always oriented to the customer and therefore available for the purchase and sale of everything related to the sector described.

Careful selection of original antique floors recovered from homes in central Italy, survivors of time, full of history and imbued with a unique charm. COTTO FLOOR (square, rectangular, hexagonal and triangular), CEMENT TILES (solid color, decorated, frames and complete carpets), GRIT FLOOR (solid color, decorated and frames), WOOD (ancient oak parquet obtained from old beams and barrel staves) AND STONE (from the courts of old farmhouses)




Selection of original and ancient FIREPLACES, in stone, marble and wooden, recovered from the ancient properties of central Italy, faithful symbols of time spent, elegant and refined frames, marvelous ancient creations that make you find the right concept of warmth. Series of antique FIREPLACES ACCESSORIES  to choose and match (Brass and iron andirons, brass spark arrestor, plates, tools sets). Ancient STOVES in terracotta


Original pieces recovered in important ancient dwellings mainly of central Italy, restored to the unique purpose of maintaining the original conservative state. The timeless appeal of antique furniture: FURNITURE, APPLIQUE AND CHANDELIERS, OBJECTS


Some of our ideas, made with recovered antique materials, for functional as well as brilliant creations aimed at furnishing indoor or outdoor spaces. Indoor and outdoor FURNITURES, SEATS, TABLES


Passion for recovery, respect for the past and the time, love for beautiful things and refined taste for the ancient, hand in hand with experience, guarantee a unique and exciting moment to us of materiAntica,

we are waiting for you !

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